The Time is Now Ripe to Invest in Cybersecurity

As the worldwide lockdowns imposed by the recent COVID-19 pandemic saw a majority of businesses shifting their operations online, the need for a strong cybersecurity platform has become more pressing than ever before. In a typical office setting, a centralized security option would have been enough to cover an office’s Wi-Fi and desktop computers. But are these solutions enough when your workers start working from home?
Cyber Security Platform

In March last year (2020 – where it all started), the Department of Health and Human Services of the US – arguably the most developed country – was hit by a powerful cyberattack that had the potential to seriously disrupt its systems. Various SMBs in India have reportedly been facing a number of cyber-attacks like hacking, phishing, logic, and email bombing, denial-of-service, salami slicing, identity fraud, data diddling, and many more. Today, businesses and organizations throughout the world are still struggling to cope with the effects of COVID-19, and the last thing they need is a cyberattack. As your business draws more and more substance from data, you start to carry larger and larger digital risks. With the digital economy growing at an unprecedented rate, all companies need to make cybersecurity protocol a part of their business due diligence to give them the protection they need.

Investing in the right cybersecurity solution

In this modern environment, investment in cybersecurity is more relevant than any time before. A well-secured IT infrastructure along with a distinct cybersecurity policy can aid the long-term growth of companies by protecting the data systems. Even though internal company practices would be the first step in ensuring protection from cyberattacks, a good knowledge of potential risks related to current or potential issues is also imperative. To begin with, companies need to quickly identify, prioritize, and highlight cyber risks that require immediate action. They can do so with help of Cyber Risk Assessment reports. These reports use the latest cyber data/trends to instantly report vulnerabilities and identify threats based on the company’s current cyber risk. This allows companies to pick and separate risky accounts that need immediate attention. These enhanced due diligence reports also save time and are much more efficient than manual ones. This can aid companies to quickly tackle major cyber risks that are potential threats to their success.

KYND – CRIF’s Cyber Risk Assessment Reports

‘Skyminder’ by CRIF is a solution that provides a cyber risk assessment report, called KYND, and empowers business managers, owners, and professionals to easily assess cyber risk related to business. It highlights the vulnerability and acts as a security buffer between business deals. The KYND cyber risk report is applicable to any and all businesses belonging to any industry. The report is an easy, clear, and concise read and does not require an IT expert to understand.

It’s essential for businesses to invest in cybersecurity as soon as possible; the shift to digital is happening too quickly to ignore. To stay ahead of the curve, find solutions that secure each aspect of your business’s operations and let your profit margin thank you in the future. CRIF is a credit bureau in India and the world providing cybersecurity solutions along with credit report and credit scores. Visit CRIF, today!

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