Due Diligence Report

Diligent processes. Confident decisions.

As unprecedented disruption becomes the norm and there is an increased focus on innovation, it’s important to stay ahead of the market. One way to that in a steady manner, is to take optimal steps to be risk-free. This is where due diligence as a process becomes significant.

CRIF’s Due Diligence is a process designed to broadly assess an entity's financial & non-financial profile and take suitable necessary actions for mitigating the performance risks associated while dealing with an entity.

Benefits of CRIF Due Diligence Report

  • Identification: The business due diligence process may involve collecting and reviewing basic information or undertaking focused risk-based approach to identify key risk areas.
  • Assess risks: The due diligence can be undertaken by reviewing the entity's financial information and other trends to assess any potential risks.
  • Mitigate risks: It helps you as a buyer or seller take an informed decision to mitigate risks associated with a business transaction.
  • Keeps you updated regularly: Customer due diligence must be up to date for all your clients. You may have sufficient documentary ID details on your files, but if there has been any change in their circumstances or risk profile, it is important that you update your customer due diligence.

How you gain:

  • You can run a credit check or a due diligence on any company or business in the world.
  • Explore a company name to view a full company credit report and score.
  • All our Business Information Reports include company verification, registration, ownership and financial performance data.
  • All this, so that you can make quick and accurate decisions about your customers and suppliers.

How it works

A business due diligence is usually performed prior to getting into a transaction with a company. This includes Domestic or Cross- Border transactions as well.