Customer Management

Manage your customers better

Enhance customer retention, Improve profitability and minimize risk

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Customer Management

CRIF’s customer management solutions help you enhance customer retention by engaging with your best customers and minimize risk by identifying customers who might become delinquent.


Portfolio Review

Evaluate your existing portfolio for risks and also to evaluate enhancing customer relationship through portfolio reviews. This involves customer level assessment and help you classify customers into four quadrants based on her association with you and with other lenders – good-good, good-bad, bad-good and bad-bad, for specific actions. The output will include account level history of the customer along with score. This is available for all type of borrowers – Consumer (Individuals), Commercial (Non-Individuals) and Microfinance segments.

Alerts and Triggers

Proactively monitor your existing customers for any change in their credit history through CRIF’s alerts and triggers service. It allows users to be informed of any positive or negative in customer’s credit history almost instantly and to take an immediate actions around reviewing the relationship for risks, cross-selling, up-selling, recovery etc.


Predictive Analytics

Assess your existing customers and segment them for variety of possible actions around marketing or risk management with use of internal data and external data such as from credit bureau through a bespoke scorecard built by CRIF experts.



If you are looking to identify a customer uniquely across your various product portfolios and create a single-view to understand total relationship value, then OneIdentii could be the solution for you. It leverages a combination of many sophisticated identity resolution algorithms fine-tuned to work with dynamic Indian data context. This has been proven to effectively work with data of individuals as well as non-individuals.

Decision Management

Automate decision-making on customer management whether in terms of cross-selling, up-selling, putting on watch list etc using a set of internal business rules, policies, scorecards and decision workflow using StrategyOne. StrategyOne lets business users manage the process through a very friendly interface without going through any long-drawn IT changes.