Safeguard Your Organisation’s Data with CRIF’s CyberCheck Report

Businesses today rely a great deal on modern digital infrastructure. They use various online services to manage their assets, store and retrieve sensitive information, and even run core processes in the cloud.

While adopting modern technology to streamline workflows, enhance performance, boost efficiency, and improve ROI is how businesses stay relevant and competitive, digitisation comes with its risks. Let’s take a closer look at cyber security for small businesses.

Incorporating robust cyber security measures is the only way for organisations to insulate themselves from several likely security breaches and online threats. The first step in formulating a cyber security strategy is a clear assessment of all potential threats.

Why Would You Require Cyber Check Report?

Cyber security risk assessments help identify an organisation’s critical IT assets and determine all the possible cyber risks that could impact these assets. A thorough risk assessment will precisely recognise all potential security threats across an organisation’s IT ecosystem, including compliance or data privacy issues in any of their vendor’s networks.

Cyber security reports identify factors that expose an organisation to cyberattacks and advise decision-makers and security teams on the appropriate steps to seal these gaps in security.

Since cyberattacks and security breaches can lead to various issues across the organisational structure, investing in a cyber check report protects an organisation against the following:

  • Financial losses
  • Damage to the brand’s reputation
  • Regulatory and compliance shortcomings
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Damage to business relationships

What Does a Cyber Check Report Cover?

A cyber check report can insulate your organisation against various online threats and provide a detailed analysis of vulnerabilities and risks based on an exhaustive cyber security risk assessment. Features include:

  • Domain risk analysis to ascertain the vulnerabilities of all domains connected to your network
  • Service risk analysis to identify and assess all the software running on your domains
  • Comparative risk profiles to demonstrate your organisation’s cyber risk exposure against that of similar businesses
  • Phishing risk assessments to ensure that no risky content is being hosted on your websites
  • Malware risk assessments to identify if your organisation’s domains are being misused or impersonated to host phishing scams or malware
  • Site and certificate risk assessments to ensure that your website’s security certificates are up to date
  • Expert customer support to advise you on how to secure your business against identified risks and vulnerabilities based on an analysis of your organisation’s cyber security risk profile

Why Do Businesses Need CRIF’s Advanced Cybercheck Report?

Most businesses have experienced some form of online attack or cyber security breach. CRIF CyberCheck is a robust cyber security risk management report designed to protect your business and its assets from cyber threats, service interruptions, and data breaches.

CRIF CyberCheck is the ideal solution for smaller businesses owing to its:

  • Ease of Use

    CyberCheck is simple, easy to understand and doesn’t require specialist knowledge or highly trained staff.
  • Budget-Friendly Options

    Organisations that don’t want to invest in round-the-clock, sustained cyber security risk assessment and reporting services can opt for a low-cost, point-in-time report of their systems.
  • Instant Actionable Insights

    CyberCheck can analyse up-to-date data and trends to identify relevant threats based on your organisation’s current cyber risk status and immediately offer actionable insights to deal with vulnerabilities.

The CRIF CyberCheck Advantage

Thorough cyber security risk assessments form the foundation for a robust cyber security strategy. A meticulous cyber security evaluation helps identify and protect business-critical assets from growing cyber threats by identifying and fortifying internal and external gaps in online security.

CRIF CyberCheck is a cyber risk management solution that businesses of all sizes and across various industries can use to identify and analyse vulnerabilities and potential threats across their networks.

CyberCheck conducts methodical cyber security evaluations and flags high-priority risks in detailed cyber security reports. This report is designed to keep business owners, and security staff apprised of all potential risks and threats in real-time and prevent business disruptions due to data breaches or cyberattacks.

Reach out to know more about the latest in cyber risk management and discuss customised cyber security solutions for your specific business requirements.

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