Full Report

Know your business partners. In depth.

The way we do business is changing, every day. Businesses cannot thrive in siloes anymore, and instead they seek rock-solid partnership to scale newer growth peaks. That is why the role of a business partner has to be not only consistently reimagined, but also evaluated in great depth.

CRIF’s Full Report offers a comprehensive overview of any company – packing in information that includes identification and company structure, complete management architecture and shareholders, its activities and all related parties. So if you are considering forging a new business partnership, this risk evaluation tool is a must.

Benefits of CRIF's full report

Every report indicates three crucial elements to verify the creditworthiness of a potential business partner: a risk assessment, the credit rating and the credit limit of the business in question. It contains data related to:

  • Identification : data that helps to find a company using business registration details, legal form and address
  • Risk assessment : rating to understand the risk level, combined with the credit limit to get more insights into company vulnerability
  • Firmographics : industry code, number of employees and all information to classify companies
  • Financial information : balance sheets and ratios to evaluate financial strength
  • Negative and significant legal events : crucial to know if information which can affect risk level
  • Historical data : changes that occurred in the past involving company management
  • Business management : both current and past senior management
  • Company structure and relationships : data to build a map of company relationship and ownership
  • Bank details : name, address, branch of the bank used by the company, if available

How it works

The Full report gives you comprehensive and in-depth information of your business partners, making it the perfect product for your credit and risk management. Full reports are available in over 200 countries across the globe, with an instant delivery or within an optimized respond time from 1 to 10 days, depending on the countries you select.

How you gain

Get top-notch quality guaranteed information everywhere in the world.

  • Get reports generated instantly online.
  • Or some reports may need to be freshly investigated, and may require additional analysis to verify and collect data due to lack in sources organization.

Both processes are based on our Business Information Ecosystem, that works with the best existing data. This data is organized in our convenient format that comprises a handy tabs structure, that make the reports globally consistent and simple to read.