Slim Report

Everything about business partners. At a glance.

Growing a business is often unchartered territory. But the right business partner can help you stay on course, make definite progress and also dive strategic value from your plans and pursuits.

When being on-the-ball about your business partners is as crucial as keep up with your business, CRIF’s Slim Report has just the right solution. Available in select countries only, it is typically a summary of the credit report containing only a subset of data with the more significant information on the company’s situation.

Benefits of CRIF's Slim Report

Your slim report contains data related to:

  • Risk assessment : Current rating to understand the risk level, combined with the credit limit to get more insights into company vulnerability.
  • Firmographics : Industry code, number of employees and basic information to classify companies.
  • Financial information : Key data to evaluate a company
  • Negative and significant legal events
  • Business management : Current senior management.

How it works

Slim Report is available on-line for countries where data availability and updating is high or off-line for countries with high data friction. It provides an instant delivery on companies located in more than 35 countries and access to information in a total of 90 countries.

How you gain

Get comprehensive and in-depth information of your business partners, for better credit and risk management. Access top-notch quality guaranteed information everywhere in the world, whether generated instantly online, or freshly investigated.

Both processes are based on our Business Information Ecosystem, that works with the best existing data. This data is organized in our convenient format that comprises a handy tabs structure, that make the reports globally consistent and simple to read.