FAQ Patent Due Diligence

  1. What is Patent Due Diligence?

    Due diligence can be conducted at any time during a patent’ s lifecycle, depending on the purpose of the due diligence review. Patent due diligence is carefully analysing a company’s patent portfolio.

    • It helps you to determine whether an entity or individual is infringing your patents or whether your patents can be monetised.
    • It helps you to evaluate if you have the freedom to operate your new business venture. This includes information about whether you are infringing on an individual’s or entity’s patents and the steps that you can take to mitigate those risks.
  2. What are the benefits of a Patent Due Diligence Report?

    The scope of the Patent Due Diligence report is to answer the following fundamental questions: -

    • How many patent assets does the company have?
    • For how many years will these patent assets remain?
    • What is the value of these patent assets?

    Understanding every detail of the target portfolio is essential.

  3. How can I use a Patent Due Diligence report?

    Patent Due Diligence is a used case for all stakeholders, it can be used for: -