Reliable end-to-end Debt Recovery Services

The CRIF solutions suite helps organisations to implement fully digital data-driven processes and transform the collection management process into a profitable division. CLEVER is CRIF's 360 degree solution for debt collection management.

CLEVER collection management is a secure end-to-end debt collection solution that helps organisations to enhance their debt management services by automating and streamlining the collection process. CLEVER offers transparent processing and makes debt collection in india scalable. It helps optimise collection costs and reduce human intervention by automating the routine operations of collection services. The user-friendly debt collection software can be configured easily and efficiently. Its flexible yet secure user interface helps users implement their strategies and configure the data grid as per their loan collection system requirements.

The decision engine segments the debt customers based on the credit collection system scores (early delinquencies / late delinquencies) and a combination of business rules to address the best collection action. Data is segmented and a debt recovery solution is defined to maximise collection performance and improve the efficiency of debt collection services and collection management system.

Based on the selected collection module, CLEVER analyse, monitor, and check the results attained by the credit collection system in real-time using a business intelligence platform. The CLEVER system has a powerful mechanism for automating processes of any complexity to help users utilising the recovery management solutions implement their debt solutions strategies. To analyse the collection report, CLEVER has a built-in reporting function along with monitoring dashboards to keep track of data in the debt recovery services and the recovery management systems.

Our Debt Collection Services Approach

We manage our credit collection services effectively and with as few resources as possible. Our cutting-edge tools and techniques keep a secure, legitimate, and long-term perspective on the collections system. We approach debt recovery tactfully and firmly without endangering our clients' ongoing business relationships with their debtors. To do so, we:

  • Designate a dedicated client service representative to maintain focus on the collection process
  • Collaborate with the client to resolve disputes and issues
  • Maintain professionalism when interacting with clients and debtors
  • Focus on cooperative, amicable and alternative solutions to save the clients' time and money
  • Prioritise dispute identification, notification, and resolution
  • Diligently observe the implementation and execution of recovery management solutions

Key Features

  • Collection system across the life-cycle (from early collection to legal)

  • User-friendly interface and flexible working design

  • Track performance with a real-time dashboard

  • AI-driven strategies

  • Access to debt collection experts

  • Cuts down resolution time

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Benefits of CLEVER in Debt Collection Management:

State of the art technology

Flexible & secure architecture helps users with technology control.

Integrates easily with other CRIF solutions, offers transparent processing and is scalable.

Secure & Profitable

Relevant information is accessible to the respective user.

The Price of products is one of the most competitive in the business collection services market and has a flexible licensing policy.

Client Oriented

Experts are closely involved during and after the implementation process to provide strategic and operational advice regarding the debt management and collection system.

Local competence centres across india.

Experts are available 24X7 to assist with the debt collection platform.