Synesgy- Global Digital ESG Reporting Framework & Assessment 

Today, companies are increasingly being evaluated by the long-term impact of their actions on all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and society. It has become imperative for companies to drive sustainability across environmental, social, and governance (ESG) norms and build a stakeholder value model that quantifies results beyond immediate costs and returns. Sustainability requires a proactive approach and the adoption of real actions, especially in the evaluation of production processes and supply chains, which contribute up to 90% of a company's overall impact.

Synesgy is one of the most trusted providers of business sustainability ratings, certified by CRIF Ratings (CRA), a Global Credit Rating Agency, and backed by powerful technology and global expertise. The revolutionary digital ESG reporting framework called Synesgy was introduced to enhance the transition to sustainability through data and information collected for this dynamic business ecosystem.

How  Does Synesgy Help You Drive Sustainability?

For Buyers

For Suppliers

  • Perform self-assessments to check your sustainability level.
  • Implement a unique process to qualify for the ESG frameworks for all companies demanding it.
  • Obtain certification and publish them on digital assets.
  • Use benchmarks to position the company within the sector.
  • Grow your business by promoting your ESG scores.

Who Can Benefit From ESG Assessment?

  • Corporates

    • Monitor and manage sustainability for all suppliers across the entire supply chain.
    • Implement supplier qualification and evaluation protocols for risk management.
    • Identify top ESG-rated suppliers.
    • Identify best practices and innovations in supply chain management through ESG scores.
  • SMEs

    • Evaluate sustainability beyond financial indicators, such as environmental, ethical, and social responsibility.
    • Identify strengths and improvement areas with ESG scores.
    • Implement improvement and transition paths to compete with industry leaders
    • Identify best practices and innovations in supply chain management with ESG reporting.
  • Bank & Insurances

    • Manage Green Asset Ratio (GAR) and commitment to the sustainable transformation of total assets.
    • Get verifiable ESG data for privately held SMEs and actionable insights to drive improvements.
    • Align with changing global regulations while building for relevant industry and geographical benchmarks.
    • Focus lending strategies on companies that are more sustainable, responsible, and transparent.

The Synesgy Score And The Action Plan

The Synesgy ESG score model makes it simple to visualise the scores obtained in the five macro segments of the questionnaire (Business, Environment, Social, Governance, and Sector). The sectional scores are combined into an "overall" score to get a comprehensive rating.

The Synesgy score, obtained after completing the questionnaire, is included in the certificate, which can be downloaded directly from the digital platform and shared easily with the supply chain and partners.

The Synesgy certificate is valid for 12 months. After this period, or if necessary, a new assessment should be made.

The Synesgy ESG Framework


ESG Framework

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Synesgy is an international alliance of leading companies improving the transition to sustainability with data and information. The Synesgy network consists of partners specialising in economic and business information on global companies, helping in ESG evaluations both from a global and local context.