Manage Your Customers Better

Analytical and decision automation solutions to enhance customer retention, Improve profitability and minimize risk

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Customer Management

CRIF's customer management solutions help you enhance customer retention, deepen relationships by engaging with your best customers, and minimise risk by identifying customers who might become delinquent.
You can quickly gain insights and act more efficiently by utilising our customer-level analytics and services. Our comprehensive customer management solutions give you a deeper understanding of the back end while enhancing the customer experience, ultimately boosting your acquisition and digital transformation efforts.
We provide the most current, highest-quality data, attributes, scores, models, and consulting and decision management solutions to create treatment strategies that can be implemented and executed quickly to minimise risk and retain valuable customers. From managing customer data to making informed decisions, we assist you in extracting key customer information to maximise opportunities, minimise risk, and comply with regulations.


Predictive Analytics

Customer management solutions incorporating predictive analytics can help organisations better understand and serve their customers, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Some examples of what these decision management solutions might do for an organisation include:

  • Identify potential customer churn: By analysing customer data, predictive analytics can help organisations identify customers at risk of leaving, allowing them to take proactive steps to retain those customers.
  • Forecast sales trends: Predictive analytics can help organisations predict future sales trends, allowing them to plan better and make more informed business decisions.
  • Optimise marketing campaigns: These solutions can help organisations target their marketing efforts more effectively by analysing customer data and identifying patterns that can inform marketing strategies.
  • Improve customer service: By analysing customer data and identifying common customer issues, organisations can improve customer service by proactively addressing common problems and providing more personalised support.

Assess your existing customers and segment them for various possible actions around marketing or risk management using internal and external data, such as from credit bureaus through a bespoke scorecard built by CRIF experts.

Our Predictive Analytics solutions allow businesses to quickly identify and rank-order the relative possibility of a specified outcome, such as a consumer's probability of default, or to make decisions on products and terms based on their level of credit risk. Predictive analytics is a key component and integrated part of many of our offerings, including our credit management platform products (like StrategyOne, our decision automation solution) and services, with many success stories to demonstrate how this component can help save costs and to have a faster response, and as well as allow consistent evaluation treatment.


Decision Management

Decision automation solutions are designed to streamline business processes and improve decision-making by automating the decision-making process. These solutions typically use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to analyse data and make decisions based on that analysis.

Automate decision-making on customer management, whether in terms of cross-selling, up-selling, putting on a watch list etc., using a set of internal business rules, policies, scorecards, and decision workflow using CRIF's decision automation solution.

Benefits of decision automation solutions include:

  • Automated decision-making: These solutions can automatically make decisions based on predefined rules or algorithms without the need for human intervention. This can help organisations make faster, more consistent decisions and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Data analysis: Decision automation solutions can analyse data from various sources to help organisations understand their operations and identify trends and patterns.
  • Risk management: These solutions can help organisations identify and mitigate risks by analysing data and automatically flagging potential issues.
  • Improved efficiency: By automating decision-making, organisations can free up time and resources that can be used to focus on other tasks.
  • Increased accuracy: Decision automation solutions can help organisations make more accurate decisions by analysing large amounts of data and identifying patterns that may not be visible to humans.

StrategyOne lets business users manage the process through a very friendly interface without going through any long-drawn IT changes.