Select Customers that are Right for you

Assess and qualify right customers and lend reliably

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Customer Acquisition

Acquire better customers and lend reliably through an informed decision using data and score. Our solutions assist you in identifying and selecting right customers and manage your credit risk better.


Predictive Analytics

Leverage power of statistics and analytics built on application data, credit bureau data, and additional data points to support risk management and enable credit decisions. CRIF experts have decades of experience in building bespoke scorecards to make your application process more robust. You may want to explore an Application scorecard used to assess repayment risk of the borrower. Application scorecards can be excellent tools for both lender and borrower to work out debt serving capability of the borrower. For lenders, Application scorecards can help them assess the creditworthiness of the borrower and maintain a healthy portfolio – which will eventually influence the economy. Additionally, to the borrower, they can provide valuable information which can help them make well-informed decisions.


Loan Origination

CRIF's Loan Origination Software automates the end-to-end process, from data gathering to approval and booking, orchestrating manual activities with workflow and document management, connecting participants and incorporating all systems involved to meet your credit process needs either with a pre-defined or customized solution.


Decision Management

Automate process for credit risk underwriting of your loan applications and come out with decisions within seconds. StrategyOne, CRIF's decision engine, puts the business team in the driver's seat to quickly and easily implement, test, monitor and change business rules, policies, credit scores, calculations, and entire decision processes without coding. Our decision engine is one stop solution that enables you to identify right customers, boost customer loyalty, increase sales and margins, support risk and execute policies.