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In a world where breakthrough innovation is shaping and reshaping your business, it is vital that this innovation continues to be your cutting edge. You must be safeguarded so that your competitors and other businesses do not exploit it. This is exactly where patents come into play.

CRIF’s Patent Due Diligence Report is created to keep you on top of your innovation game by delivering in-depth information about patents. If you are looking for answers to the following, the Patent Due Diligence report has it all for you:

  • How many patent assets does the company have?
  • For how many years will these patent assets remain?
  • What is the value of these patent assets?

Benefits of Patent Due Diligence Report

  1. Patent Asset Overview
    • Geographical Coverage: The patent due diligence report determines whether the patents cover your company's major regional markets and impact the asset value.
    • Remaining Life of Active Patent Assets: The due diligence report reflects the sustainability of the patent assets in each regional market.
  2. High-Value Patent Assets
    • Technology and Patent Deployment: The patent due diligence shares an overview of the technical fields of patent filings, indicating the recent R&D focus.
    • Technology Timeline: It covers an overview of the trajectory of technical fields to understand the emergence or decline of R&D activities in each field.
    • Peer Comparison: Through this, the due diligence report reflects the competitive position based on the patents and the value of the patents.
    • Key Inventors: The report contains information on those who contribute to the competitiveness of R&D.

How the Patent Due Diligence Report works

Data is collected from supranational databases - WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) and EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) - and national databases (US, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India). Data is cleaned to minimise errors and standardise. After the acquisition, advanced algorithms are used to deliver accurate information across sources.

Our geographical coverage includes over 100 countries and authorities worldwide, and we have distributed 129.9 million patent data.

How you gain

Whether you seek stronger company relationships, are headed for a merger or acquisition, or need to learn more about capital markets or public relationships and CSR, CRIF’s Patent Due Diligence Report can keep you in the know, helping you make informed decisions.

Want to forge better company relationships?

  • The due diligence report facilitates the evaluation and the visibility of 90% of the intangible asset that the traditional credit process cannot reach.
  • It helps you build confidence by learning more about your technological might as a company.
  • As a supplier, you can get help in forming an alliance and strengthen mutual competence by understanding your company’s technical abilities

Looking for mergers and acquisitions?

  • If you are seeking to acquire, you can validate and audit the patent assets of the target company.
  • An acquiree company can demonstrate its technical power and help crack a better deal price.

Want to study capital markets better?

  • Investors and investment banks can recognise the real value of the target company and the importance of the deal instead of making unilateral decisions
  • Credit agencies can provide a complete, transparent, and reliable credit report to clients

Need public information?

  • The patent due diligence report certifies the innovative abilities of a company as gleaned from the annual CSR report.

FAQs on Patent Due Diligence

What is Patent Due Diligence?

Due diligence can be conducted at any time during a patent’ s lifecycle, depending on the purpose of the due diligence review......Read More