Transforming Business Decisions with CRIF’s StrategyOne

Wilfred Sigler
Managing Director, VAS- India & South Asia Markets, CRIF Solutions

In their most basic form, decisions represent the choices made in reaction to specific situations. Especially in today’s highly dynamic and ever-evolving business landscape, business decisions for modern organisations necessitate swift, informed, and streamlined decision-making processes.

Transforming Business Decisions with CRIF’s StrategyOne

However, the troves of data modern businesses need to sift through to arrive at informed decisions renders the decision-making process quite challenging. This is where decision management systems – a combination of machine learning solutions with business rules – come into the picture, helping modern businesses determine the optimal course of action.
StrategyOne a Forrester rated AI decisioning platform by CRIF harnesses the power of data, scorecards and analytical models to streamline, standardise and optimize decision-making processes. With a focus on ease of use, it empowers organizations to reduce time to market while maintaining or increasing decision quality effectiveness across the realm of credit risk assessment, collection management, or customer management.
StrategyOne is a comprehensive business rules management platform and decision engine supporting decisions across Banking and Finance, Insurance, Telecom, Utilities, and retailers. It caters to all customer segments (Retail, microfinance, SME, Commercial) across various business processes right from:-

  • Origination (pre-screening, application evaluation, and credit underwriting) to
  • Customer Management (On-going credit risk management: identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling) and
  • Collection (Strategies to manage delinquencies and collection effectiveness)

Features of StrategyOne CRIF Solutions

StrategyOne covers the entire customer lifecycle, allowing you to integrate all the aspects of the business decision process and decision management into a single user-friendly tool. As a result, you can implement automated and confident decision-making processes throughout the enterprise.
Some of the ways in which StrategyOne is revolutionising the world of business decision-making include:

Automatic Approval within the Origination Process:

StrategyOne is fully integrated with bank portals and can process up to 300% more volume of applications, resulting in a 55% savings in underwriting capacity and a 50% reduction in time to cash.

Embracing Enterprise Decision Management:

StrategyOne allows business users to drive decision-making with ease and flexibility, enabling quick implementation and optimisation of outcomes.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

By integrating data insights into strategic planning, companies can pivot their direction, capitalise on emerging trends, and make informed investments that foster growth. StrategyOne empowers decision-makers with accurate, relevant, and timely information, enabling them to align choices with long-term business objectives.

Increased Efficiency:

Business intelligence is revolutionising the way we make decisions. With the right BI tool, you can gain insights into your business that will help you make data-driven decisions, leading to increased efficiency.

Advantages of StrategyOne CRIF Solutions

Unlock the power of precision in target identification, enhance customer loyalty, amplify both sales and margins, adeptly mitigate risk, and seamlessly implement business and regulatory protocols to elevate your business decision-making. schedule a demo or reach out to our experts today to see how StrategyOne can revolutionise your decision management and lead your business to success.

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