Open Banking: CRIF completes its coverage as an AISP through the registration of CRIF RealTime Ireland, bringing the number to 31 European countries

CRIF announces its successful registration as an AISP with the Central Bank of Ireland.

The authorization issued to CRIF RealTime Ireland, a Group company based in Dublin and 100% controlled by CRIF, extends CRIF’s area of operation as an AISP to all countries where the revised Payment Services Directive is applicable (28 Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). This not only allows it to operate on a wide scale, but enables the ever-increasing demand for cross-border services by entities operating across Europe with a hub and spoke model.

Leveraging its previous experience, CRIF RealTime Ireland was able to obtain AISP registration in less than 4 months, becoming the second registered operator in Ireland.

In November last year, with the acquisition of Credit Data Research Realtime Holding Ltd in the UK, CRIF became the first player in the credit information sector to be registered as an Account Information Service Provider in over 20 European countries, and the first company in Europe authorized to offer a range of services to help consumers and businesses benefit from the innovative solutions stemming from Open Banking.

We are pleased to announce that thanks to this new registration, CRIF is now able to support an even greater number of credit institutions and non-financial companies in the provision of more innovative services, at the same time increasing data protection and security. Specifically, through the AISP licence, which is valid in Ireland and another 30 European countries, CRIF is able to strengthen its offer to multinational companies thanks to its ability to operate as a truly global player. What’s more, there is the added possibility of integrating with our platform designed to create an ecosystem, with new services which will enable operators and their end customers (consumers and businesses) to obtain maximum added value”, commented Carlo Gherardi, CRIF Chairman.